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Learning comes in stages. I thought if I adjusted my standards I’d have the things I want. Does that make sense? No? Oh right, because it doesn’t. All of the best things I have in life came from cutting out the negative and leaving when my gut is telling me GO BITCH! It’s when I stop showing myself love and respect that things truly go downhill - and no lover, no job, no anything is ever worth that sacrifice. Learning is a process and life is tough - but I’m stronger than the challenges and so are you. Love yourself and don’t doubt your instincts


Sissi Hou in “Starlet-laced” photographed by Justin Hollar for Lula #16, S/S 2013


Martyr Series


“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein   (cover, Maciej Ratajski)


Theophilus London Teams With Karl Lagerfeld

Photo by Next Management

Lagerfeld photographed the cover for the hip hop artist’s upcoming album, “Vibezz,” as well as the imagery for its first official single, “Tribe.” For More


BAFTA Holds Annual L.A. Tea Party

Ashley Madekwe in Christian Dior.